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See-Thru Pattern Blocks_

Product Number: 115-13693
CAD $6.97

These 1cm tall see thru pattern blocks are easy for hands to pick up and perfect for arranging on a light panel.

49 pieces

Grades K+.


I'll never get out of this financial mess until I follow a budget! Why not learn what it means to live by a budget? Before each trip around the game board, players plan a budget and receive $2,000. They experience the realities of real-life economics as they buy a home or rent an apartment, pay insurance costs, make investments, buy groceries and clothing, repair fire damage, collect commissions, etc. If the budget projection is reasonably accurate, the player collects a bonus on payday! The winner is the player who has the greatest wealth at the end of play. For 2-4 players. Grades 5+.


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