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Single Shaft 6V-12V DC Motor^

Product Number: KD80-3550-80
CAD $4.50

29DM12V Specifications: Single Shaft 6V-12V DC Motor: Operate range 6V-12V, Nominal 9V constant, No load: speed 7600 RPM, current 40mA. At maximum efficiency: speed 5928 RPM, current 143mA, torque 12.1 g-cm, output 0.74W 29DM12 Dimensions: Body Diameter : 24 mm / 0.95 in. Body Length : 27 mm / 1.1 in. Shaft Diameter : 2 mm / 0.075 in. Shaft Length : 7 mm / 0.275 in.

This motor can be used as a 3v generator to run LED lights



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