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One simple idea to help my son, who had fine motor difficulties, turned into a product/products that are benefiting many children, many learning styles and needs.  

This is Luca!  He is diagnosed ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  I created a personalized name puzzle and with the assistance of the indented spaces and the addition of the chalkboard base, he learned to write and recognize his name successfully IN JUST 4 weeks using chalk! This transcended into printing using other writing devices. I decided to implement this in my own Kindergarten classroom for both my students with varying learning needs and specific challenges and realized just how successful it was for all. With the success of the basic name puzzle and the chalkboard base, came the idea of the full alphabet and number board with the chalkboard base, indented space and tracers.  Our prototype was successfully implemented and with it, came the realization of the need to continue to reach the learning needs of many more students and children.