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Primary Concepts Vocabulary Development Centre

Product Number: L1168-00
CAD $329.99

This marvelous collection of lifelike objects helps build the vocabularies of English language learners and struggling native speakers alike, building oral language skills and English vocabulary. You get 200 miniatures (realia), organized into 26 primary themes, and an Object Organizer with labels for your collection. Plus comprehensive resource guide, Realia: Vocabulary Development for Young Children, with full instructions to help you set up, organize, and get the most out of your realia collection. You'll find dozens of language-rich activities. Students learn to name the objects, describe them in detail, sort them into categories, follow directions, tell stories, and more. Included templates let you make your own felt story mats for even more storytelling possibilities. Complete center includes 200 realia objects, 26-drawer organizer, 72-page Realia guidebooks, and four Sorting Mats for category sorting.

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