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Educational Insights GeoSafari MicroPro Set

Product Number: L0242-00
CAD $69.99

This powerful zoom microscope is perfect for all types of science demonstrations with three power settings: 100x, 400x and 900x. Genuine all-glass lenses give this microscope superior precision viewing at high-power magnifications. Students will enjoy incredible close-up views of the butterfly and other specimens provided. Features genuine glass optics with up to 900x zoom power, as well as a viewing light (requires 2 "AA" batteries, not included). Includes the following accessories: eye dropper, colour filter (red, yellow, bl and clear), plastic prepared and blank slides, cover slips and blank labels for making slides, three containers with sea salt, gum media and shrimp eggs, shrimp hatchery and a prepared butterfly specimen. Grades 3+.

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