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Jumbo Horseshoe Magnet

Product Number: 89-1010
CAD $8.97

Giant Horseshoe Magnet (8.5 inches high x 7 inches Wide x 1.125 inches Thick - Assorted colours


Jumbo size is perfect for small hands--larger than other big horseshoe magnets! A great first magnet for every curious little scientist. Go on a scavenger hunt through the house or classroom to see what objects are attracted to the magnet! Features the common horseshoe shape, a solid red color, an easy-grip opening on top, safely encased ceramic magnets in the feet, and marked poles. (Ceramic magnets are the most lightweight and economical magnets.) Lifts up to 4 pounds. Measures inches high. Usage tips: Avoid dropping or banging. Although they are more durable when encased in plastic (as this product is), ceramic magnets that have been dropped or impacted by force can break or chip. That is a property of the ceramic material. Also, any magnet that is dropped or banged can lose its magnetism--its domains inside can get misaligned. Storage: Store all magnets away from high heat and direct sunlight. Child safety tested for ages 3+/grades preK+.


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